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Vacuum Brazed Tools

Vacuum brazing is the process of joining two objects by melting a filler metal, into the joint. In the diamond vacuum brazing process, nickel is melted around the diamond grit fusing the crystal to the tool body.  In order for a proper fusion, there are two critical factors required. First, the surface must be free of any oxides. Second, very high but exacting temperatures need to be reached to properly melt the adjoining metal. Vacuum ovens are used to remove oxygen and provide the high temperatures required.  The result is a very strong single layer of diamond grit.

We supply some vacuum brazed diamond tools which includes diamond saw blades,diamond drill bits,diamond finger bits,diamond grinding wheels,diamond profile wheels,diamond grinding pads,they are used for cutting grinding drilling various hard or abrasive materials such as granite sandstone marble limestone slate concrete asphalt ceramic bricks, etc., dry or wet use, with high working efficiency and life.