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What is the diamond grinding wheel?

What is the diamond grinding wheel?

Diamond grinding wheel is made of diamond abrasive as raw material, and metal powder, resin powder, ceramics and electroplated metal are used as binders respectively.


The structure of diamond grinding wheel is different from that of ordinary abrasive grinding wheel. Generally, it is composed of diamond abrasive layer, transition layer and matrix.

The working layer, also known as the diamond layer, is composed of abrasives, binders and fillers, and is the working part of the grinding wheel. The transition layer, also known as the non-diamond layer, is composed of binder, metal powder and filler, and is the part that firmly connects the diamond layer to the substrate.

The base body is used to receive the abrasive layer, and is firmly clamped on the main shaft of the grinding machine with a flange plate when in use. Generally, the metal bond products use steel and alloy steel powder as the base; the resin bond uses aluminum alloy and bakelite as the base. Made of aluminum, steel or bakelite, it supports the working layer and holds the abrasive tool. The forming quality of the grinding wheel and the accuracy of its use have a lot to do with the substrate


Diamond grinding wheel is a super-hard abrasive grinding wheel. Compared with ordinary abrasive grinding wheel, it has very obvious features and advantages:

1. The hardness of the diamond abrasive determines the main characteristics of the diamond polishing wheels. It can grind hard alloys, glass, ceramics and other difficult-to-machine materials with high efficiency, and the grinding tools have a long service life.

2. Diamond has high wear resistance, the wear of the grinding wheel is small, and the use time is longer. During the grinding process, the size, shape and morphology of the diamond abrasive grains change little, which is more suitable for high-accuracy processing and production. High efficiency, diamond grinding wheel is a tool that can meet high efficiency and accurate machining at the same time.

3. The sharpened diamond grinding wheel can maintain the micro-edge of the abrasive grains for a long time, and the good cutting performance ensures a small grinding force during the grinding process, thereby reducing the grinding power and saving energy.

4. The thermal conductivity of diamond is very good, which is conducive to the evacuation of heat, avoiding the phenomenon of workpiece burns, cracks and falling blocks, which greatly improves the quality of workpiece surface processing.


Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into: resin bond diamond grinding wheels; ceramic bond diamond grinding wheel; metal bond diamond grinding wheel (bronze bond diamond grinding wheel)

According to the production process, diamond grinding wheels can be divided into: sintered diamond grinding wheels (resin bond diamond grinding wheels; ceramic bond diamond grinding wheels; metal bond diamond grinding wheels); electroplating diamond grinding wheels; brazed diamond grinding wheels.

According to the grinding method, diamond grinding wheel can be divided into: diamond grinding wheel for grinding diamond; diamond grinding wheel for grinding carbide (diamond knife grinding wheel); diamond grinding wheel for grinding diamond composite sheet; centerless grinding diamond grinding wheel for coreless grinding machine; grinding ceramic products Use diamond grinding wheel; diamond grinding wheel for cutting (also known as diamond cutting blade); diamond saw blade.

Diamond grinding wheels can be divided into: parallel grinding wheels; cylindrical grinding wheels; cup grinding wheels; bowl-shaped grinding wheels; disc-shaped grinding wheels; edging grinding wheels; floor grinding discs, etc.


Due to the characteristics and advantages of diamond abrasives, diamond grinding wheels are ideal tools for grinding hard and brittle materials such as glass, ceramics, gemstones, stone, and cemented carbide. With the progress of the times, the development of science, the needs of society, the development of new materials, and the continuous development of grinding processing in the direction of high quality, high precision, high efficiency and automation, the role of diamond grinding wheels is becoming more and more obvious. The diamond grinding wheel has high holding strength, long life and low wear on abrasive particles, so that the diamond grinding wheel can give full play to its wear resistance and strong cutting ability in high-speed and very high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision grinding, especially in hard and brittle grinding. Difficult-to-machine materials show their obvious advantages and are widely used. Diamond grinding wheels are used in almost all sectors of industry, such as aerospace, mold manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, and optical processing manufacturing. At present, ceramic materials, optical materials, aero-engine turbine blades, and silicon wafer products are mostly ground with diamond grinding wheels.