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How to use diamond wire saw correctly

How to use diamond wire saw correctly

Diamond wire saw is a kind of cutting tool commonly used in modern industry. It is especially widely used in reinforced concrete cutting and stone cutting. Because wire saw is a flexible cutting product, during cutting, the wire saw often breaks and the beads are broken and fly out. So A very correct method of use is required. This article takes the use of common mining wire saws as an example, and introduces how to use diamond wire saws safely from 10 aspects.

1: When unpacking the wire saw, you need to find the first two fake beads. Generally reserve a new rope connection end here, remove the fake beads, and then peel off the wire rope, which will make the beads more useful rate.

2: In the diamond wire installation process, be sure to find the "→" symbol marked on the connecting material to determine the cutting direction of the diamond wire saw. In the direction of the forward arrow, move the wire saw in front around the cut material.

3: After the new wire saw is cut, the two beads in front of the fracture should be removed, and then the reserved wire rope and the wire rope where the beads have been removed are mutually wound. Before that, it is necessary to wind the wire saw so that the wire saw consumes more evenly when cutting. The number of winding loops depends on the length of the rope.

4: Use the connecting piece to firmly press the wire rope with a pressing pliers, push the wire saw machine to the forefront of the slide rail, adjust the position of the slide rail, adjust the angle of the outlet pipe, so that the water can cover the wire saw cutting more comprehensively groove. Adjust the cable position to ensure the length of the cable in the working area and avoid being pinched by the guide rail.

5: When the diamond wire saw is cutting, personnel are not allowed to walk in the working surface to prevent the hurt from diamond wire breaking, beading and cracking, and the nearby operators must wear safety helmets, insulating boots, masks, protective glasses, etc. After completing the above steps, you can start cutting.

6: When stopping the diamond wire saw halfway, stop the feed first, let the flywheel rotate for a while, expand the slit, so that the diamond wire will not be jammed when the machine is stopped and started again.

7: when stopping the diamond wire saw halfway should not be too long to prevent the diamond wire from being stuck due to cracks in the rock formation. Once it is stuck, it should be solved as soon as possible. You can loosen the diamond wire first, and then pull it by hand. If the jam is serious, you can use a lever, cone, chisel, etc. to enlarge the cutting seam.

8: Stop the diamond wire saw halfway to replace the guide rail, adjust the water flow direction, check the wire saw wear and machine failure, or stop for other operations, must press the emergency stop button on the operating station to ensure the safety of the operator.

9: When checking the machine, make sure that the machine is disconnected from the power supply and use special tools to avoid electric shock. After cutting, make sure that the main power supply is cut off before cleaning and maintaining the diamond wire saw.

10: According to the performance of the wire saw's cutting efficiency and life, record relevant data to provide reference data for product improvement.
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There are still many issues that need to be paid attention to in cutting process, such as how to judge the normal working of the wire saw, for small-angle processing surfaces, need to cooperate with more flywheels, etc., are issues that need attention.