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Laser Welded Tools

Laser welded diamond tools are mainly used in construction industry, especially in concrete cutting. Some concrete contains steel bars, the temperature of diamond segments goes up quickly when cutting the steel bars in concrete, the diamond segments of blades may drop if the brazing strengh is not strong enough, it is very dangerous to the operators, so laser welded tools are necessary for reinforced concrete cutting.

The disadvantage of laser welding diamond tools is that the diamond segments can not be replaced like high frequency welding tools when they are used up, and thus the cores are wasted.

Laser welded diamond tools include diamond saw blades and diamond drill bits which are designed for processing various stone concrete asphalt such as granite,marble,sandstone,green concrete,cured concrete,concrete slabs and pipes, etc., also for cutting reinforced concrete such as road, bridge, etc.

Dry or wet use, water coolant is benefit for longer cutting life.