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Diamond segments of drill bits - turbo shape

item No : DSDB-09
For diameter: 57-356mm
Segment size: H11mm
Materials drilling: concrete
Production process: hot-press sintered
Welding type: silver welding
Production time: 15-30days
Minimum order: by negotiation

Diamond segments of drill bits - turbo shape

Diamond segments of drill bits with turbo shape diameter 57mm-356mm provide smooth and fast drilling for various materials.

Turbo shape is benefit for fast drilling and coolant.

Applications: Widely used for replacement of used segments on diamond drill bits for drilling cured concrete, green concrete, reinforced concrete, brick, block, masonry, stone, or other abrasive materials, such as air conditioner installation, pipeline, high way, road signs, bridges, airports for high speed drilling.

Different bonds are available for different applications.

Welding method: silver or laser welding.

Wet use with sufficient water.

Code No.


Segment Size

Segment No.


2.25"(57mm) 24x3.5x11 5
DSDB-09-63 2.50"(63mm) 24x3.5x11 6
DSDB-09-70 2.75"(70mm) 24x3.5x11 7
DSDB-09-76 3"(76mm) 24x3.5x11 8
DSDB-09-82 3.25"(82mm) 24x3.5x11 9
DSDB-09-89 3.50"(89mm) 24x3.5x11 10
DSDB-09-102 4"(102mm) 24x3.5x11 10
DSDB-09-108 4.25"(108mm) 24x3.5x11 11
DSDB-09-114 4.50"(114mm) 24x3.5x11 11
DSDB-09-120 4.75"(120mm) 24x4.0x11 11
DSDB-09-127 5"(127mm) 24x4.0x11 11
DSDB-09-140 5.5"(140mm) 24x4.0x11 12
DSDB-09-146 5.75"(146mm) 24x4.0x11 13
DSDB-09-152 6"(152mm) 24x4.0x11 13
DSDB-09-159 6.25"(159mm) 24x4.0x11 14
DSDB-09-165 6.5"(165mm) 24x4.0x11 15
DSDB-09-178 7"(178mm) 24x4.0x11 16
DSDB-09-203 8"(203mm) 24x4.5x11 18
DSDB-09-229 9"(229mm) 24x4.5x11 20
DSDB-09-254 10"(254mm) 24x4.5x11 23
DSDB-09-180 11"(280mm) 24x5.0x11 25
DSDB-09-305 12"(305mm) 24x5.0x11 27
DSDB-09-330 13"(330mm) 24x5.5x11 30
DSDB-09-356 14"(356mm) 24x5.5x11 32

The above specifications & photos are for reference, other specification may be available as per demand.