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EZ change diamond grinding shoes floor pads for HTC grinders - bar segments

item No : DGP-HTC-01
Segment type: metal bond, bar shape
Segment size: 40x10x10mm
Segment No.: 1-2pcs
Diamond Grit: #6-#200(coarse, medium, smooth)
Bond: soft, medium, hard
Body: steel base
Material grinding: concrete/terrazzo/stone floor
Production process: high-frequency welded

EZ change Diamond grinding shoes for HTC floor grinders - bar segments

This type diamond grinding shoes floor grinding pads with 1 or 2pcs metal bond bar segments are usually used on EZ change plate of HTC grinder, suitable for general (concrete, terrazzo, stone) floor grinding use, while mostly they are used for paint, glue, epoxy removal and floor coating.

Metal bond diamond segment has high strength, excellent wear resistance, and a low friction coefficient, it also has high grinding efficiency and low grinding force generates less heat in the grinding process. The bar segment is ideal for removing heavy coating, it is extremely aggressive leaving and deep to medium scratch pattern,  taking the floor from coarsely structured surface to pre-polishing.

Advantage: very efficient for the toughest situations such as the removal of very persistent coating, and the high diamond concentration provides for a faster grinding rate while the high quality of the diamonds provides longer grinding life.

Features: excellent wear resistance, lower cost, better surface finish etc.

We provide you with different metal bonds to fit different hardness of concrete, and a wide range of diamond grits can be chosen.

For coarse grinding(#6-#40), medium grinding(#50-#120), fine grinding(#150-#200).

Diamond grit No.: #6, #16, #20, #25, #30, #40, #50, #60, #80, #100, #120, #150, #170,#200.

Segment bond: soft, medium, hard.

Code No.

Segment Size/No.

Grit No.




#6 - #200

HTC EZ change plate



The above specifications & photos are for reference, other segment size/bond may be available as per demand.