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Magnesite Abrasives


Magnesite Abrasives


Magnesite Frankfurt/Magnesite Abrasives is suitable for rough calibrating and smoothing for common granite & marbles in the automatic polishing machine, with the characteristics of stabilization, extremely high output, low consumption, excellent gloss etc.


For Granite Polishing For Marble Polishing


The specifications of abrasives can be chosen according to the heads of polishing machines.


Magnesite Abrasives for Granite Polishing



Grit No. (#)


(Actual Length may be 135mm)

#16, #24, #36, #46, #60, #120, #220, #320

#400, #800, #1000, #1500, #3000

Lux1, Lux2, Lux3




#16 #24 #36
#46 #60 #120
#220 #400 #600
#800 #1200 LUX 1



One Carton Box: 24pcs
Gross Weight:24kgs per box
Net Weight: 23kgs per box
Meas.(CBM): 420280140mm = 0.0165CBM

One 20' Container: 960 boxes = 15.84CBM = 23Tons



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