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3000mm granite diamond semgments


2500mm, 2700mm, 3000mm, 3500mm Diamond Segments for Granite


Our Granite cutting Diamond segments for large circular saw blades are the most competitive products in China. The cutting performance almost reach Europe customers' requirements especially in Germany, France, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, etc. This is the leading quality products in China, also price is much less than Europe products.


From the construction of diamond segments, we have two types for choice.


One is Chinese traditional Multi-layers Type, from the following photos No.1 & No.2 on the cutting side, you will find there are 4 lines, usually after cutting there will be four lines (Groove) on the cutting side. This type segments can reduce the diamond & powder cost, but the diamond and Cobalt Powder quality must be very good, otherwise the segments will not cut if the granite is very hard, or even the segments will be broken. Most Chinese manufacture they are producing this type segments and use cheap powders, though the price seems very cheap however the working efficiency is very low. We also produce this type segments to some special market like India or Russia, Ukraine, but we use over 50% Cobalt, meanwhile the diamond quality is very good.


Multi-Layers Normal Taper Shape Structure Multi-Layers << Shape Structure


Another is Sandwich Type, the following Photo No.3, from the cutting surface you can not find the lines. The middle of this type segment the diamond powder quantity is a little less than the two sides, after cutting there will be a little Arc groove on the segments like " ( ". This is the main traditional construction in Europe and popular in the market. We have many years experiences in this field, the cutting efficiency & life is accepted by most customers in Europe. In China there are few companies have good experiences in this technic.


Sandwich Normal Taper Shape Structure Sandwich << Shape Structure



Diamond Segments Granite

Photo No.1

3000mm or 3500mm Diamond Segments for Granite

Size: 24x13/12.5/12/11.5x30mm

>>> Step Shape

Multi-Layers or Sandwich Structure (This photo is Multi-layers Structure)



Diamond Segments for Granite

Photo No.2

2500mm or 2700mm or 3000mm or 3500mm Diamond Segments for Granite

Segment height: 20mm

>> Step Shape

Multi-Layers or Sandwich Structure (This photo is Multi-layers Structure)



Granite cutting Diamond Segments

Photo No.3

2500mm or 2700mm or 3000mm or 3500mm Diamond Segments for Granite

Segment height: 20mm

The above photo is Normal Taper Type

Multi-Layers or Sandwich Structure (This photo is Sandwich Structure)



The following is the cutting report of our 2700mm Segments(Sandwich) from France:



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