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Diamond Saw Blade Marble Cutting


900mm-2000mm Diamond Saw Blade for Marble Cutting


Diamond Segmented Circular Saw Blades for Block Cutting of Marble, Limestone, Slate, Kinds of Soft Stone without quartz, Suitable for Bridge Cutting Machine, Single Arm Machine.


The following are the normal Specifications we are selling:




Segment Dimension (L W H)

Steel Core  Thickness

Segment No.

Segment Structure


W (Taper Type)


900 24 6.5 8/10/12 5.0mm 64

Mixed Powder



1000 24 7.0 8/10/12 5.0mm 70
1200 24/40 7.5 8/10/12 5.5mm 80
1300 24/40 8.0 8/10/12 6.0mm 88
1350 24/40 8.0 8/10/12 6.0mm 88
1400 24/40 8.5 8/10/12 6.5mm 96
1600 24/40 9.0 8/10/12 6.5mm 104/108
1800 24 9.5 10/12 7.0mm 120
2000 24 10.5 10/12 8.0mm 128


Different segment shapes and structures: 900mm-2000mm Diamond Segments


Welding method: Silver welding


Wet use only with sufficient water, Fast & Smooth cutting, long life, perfect performance.


The above specifications and photos is only for Reference, other or special specification can be ordered by customers.



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